QUADRA – 37660

$180.00 $144.00

This wallcovering is made of real metal foil. During production, the metal foil goes through an intensive process that was developed especially for this collection. It is coloured in such a way that the wallcovering takes on the nuances of an authentic metal look. Finally, the patterns are embossed on the wallcovering and finished with a thin layer of satin paint or glass beads. It is normal that the glass beads that do not touch the adhesive layer, come loose. This has no impact on the final result. The glass beads in the adhesive layer adhere firmly and form the pattern. Matching plains can be found in collection Metal X.

Width: 90 cm (35.43”)

Type of repeat: Straight match 64 cm (25.2″)

Length of the roll: sold by the linear metre/yard



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