FOREST – 115/9028


It’s no wonder that Silvan forests feature so heavily throughout literature and folklore; the sense of being wholly enveloped upon stepping into an array of trees and undergrowth as far and wide as the eye can see creating an awe-inspiring feeling. Translated here in Forest’s large-scale, intricately hand-painted, fantastical trees, the dappled light traverses through far-off branches as the dense ground cover emits the warm and welcoming woody fragrance of childhood memories.

Please note: To prevent white edges from showing at the seams of this design, edges may need to be colored with chalk or pastel. This design is automatically supplied as a larger, A3 sample (29cm x 42cm).

Width: 27.5″

Repeat: Vert. 40.4″

Priced Per Roll

Minimum Rolls to Purchase: 1.00

Yards Per Roll: 11.00

Sold By: Single Roll

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Collection: Botanical Botanica

Match: Straight

Pre-trim: Yes



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