#1420, Rich Flex 100% Acrylic Alkali Resistant Fine Texture Finish


Richard’s Rich Flex 100% Acrylic Alkali Resistant Fine Textured Finish is a specially formulated 100% acrylic fine texture finish coating designed for application to both interior and exterior cementitious surfaces. Its special formula not only adds a decorative texture to the surface, but it also helps minimize surface defects and provides excellent durability. Easy to apply, it provides excellent coverage, has excellent weathering properties, and resists “alkali burn”, commonly associated with new cementitious surfaces. It offers excellent product versatility, dries fast, is mildew resistant, non-yellowing, resists sagging and fading, is efflorescence resistant, and meets MPI Standard #42 of the Master Painters Institute’s approved products list.
  • 100% Acrylic Formula
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Excellent Durability
  • Resists Alkali Burn
  • Resists Sagging
  • Minimizes Surface Defects
  • Product Versatility
  • Easy To Apply



Rich Flex Masonry Coatings

#1420 Product Data Sheet

#1420 Safety Data Sheet

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